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05. Wills/Probate

Why it's important for you to have a Will

Schedule an appointment with Dinorah Diaz, family attorney in San Antonio, TX, to discuss creating a Will for yourself and your spouse. When you have a Will, you are the one who decides what becomes of your possessions, your property and your money. You can designate who will be responsible for taking care of your children if they are under 18 years of age. You can assign an executor to be responsible for distributing your estate to your heirs and beneficiaries. If you want to designate funds to go to charitable organizations, you can state that as well.

You may have heard that Wills must be probated. The American Bar Association defines probate as “the court-supervised process of administering your estate and transferring your property at death pursuant to the terms of your Will.” Upon your death, your Will is filed with the probate court and its validity determined. All property, debts and claims of your estate are inventoried and appraised. All valid claims of the estate are collected, and the remainder is distributed to beneficiaries according to the Will.

Wills should be reconsidered or updated whenever you have a major change in your life, such as marriage, divorce or inheritance.

If you own a home and you want to make sure it's protected from creditors, you need  to call our office. Dinorah Diaz can assist you with a type of Deed that would transfer title of your home upon your death.

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