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01. Divorce/Family Law

Trust in Dinorah to handle your divorce

Dinorah Diaz has over 27 years of experience handling divorces and custody  in San Antonio, TX. As an advocate for father’s rights, and a protector of mother’s rights, she always focuses on the best interest of children. Ms Diaz makes sure her clients know their rights concerning property division, child custody, child support, and visitation. She offers referrals for therapy and counseling, as well as financial services and business analysis to her clients as needed. Ms Diaz is easy to reach and will offer direct communication with you as she leads you down the right path to achieve both your legal and personal goals.

Having the right attorney makes a difference

Divorce is a complex process. You are untangling two lives that are connected, often through their children, as well as through property, businesses, bank accounts, retirement funds, and debt. When children are involved, you will be faced with complications of determining which parent has legal custody, what child support will be paid by whom, and what time of visitation schedule will be in place. If business interests are also involved, you will need advice about the best course of action to protect your investments. Dinorah understands that divorce is an emotionally draining process, and at times you may not be at your best to think clearly and make the best decisions. Dinorah will help you through this difficult time by using the most carefully designed strategy and knowledge of the law to help you reach your goals and objectives as you work toward a resolution.

Focus on the children's best interest

Getting a divorce can be difficult enough for the parties involved - can you imagine how difficult it is for their children?

Here are some pointers to follow when dealing with your children in a divorce. These tips will help guide your children through this stressful process; and you will shine even brighter in front of the judges. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts-

  • Do Not ever speak badly or in a disparaging fashion about the other parent in front of the children to anyone, including them, even if you are upset about the conduct of the other spouse or parent. The children need to be left out of the adult issues. No matter how old or mature you think they are, Do Not Do It!! Judges dislike this with a passion!! If you do, it can jeopardize your case and can cause the Judge to question your judgment.

  • Do Not limit or isolate the child from the other parent. Only do this if you suspect physical or sexual abuse (in which case IMMEDIATELY call CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES at 1-800-252-5400). When one parent attempts to alienate the children from the other parent, it likely can result in harm to them and your case.

  • Do Not ask them to choose between you or your (ex-) spouse. Children deserve to be treated with respect. Children have unique feelings and are likely not to fully appreciate the breach of trust or anger you have towards your spouse.

  • Be honest with them if they ask of the pending divorce, but assure them that they will be safe and sound and no one is going to take the other parent away from them.

  • Provide them with a safe and secure environment where they can be relaxed.

The sooner you hire an attorney and get Temporary Orders in place regarding the children’s possession, visitation, and access with you and the other parent, the safer and more secure the children will likely feel. There are more pointers that I will discuss with you as to helping your children with the best possible transition that we, together, can provide them.

Child Support Issues

The state of Texas sets certain guidelines that are presumed to be in the best interest of the children when setting a child support amount. Issues arise in regards to the income of the parent likely ordered to pay child support.

What you can do-
Get your taxes in order - Gather all income information to include W2’s, 1099’s, year to date paycheck stubs, and retirement check information.

The total children born of the marriage and even those outside of the marriage matter. The State of Texas has set up basic guideline based on percentages and number of children.

Remember raising children are expensive and try to look at this as a blessing to be able to pay a fair guideline amount. It’s a privilege to have children.

Call our office for a free consultation where we can give you a pretty good idea what the child support amount may be.

Concerning your property

Texas is considered a community interest state. So when and how an interest in property was acquired is considered during a divorce. If you believe you and your X have interest in community property, here are some tips on what you can do to begin getting all the needed information together:

Prepare a monthly expense registry. Do an inventory of what you have in the home. Take pictures of the contents in your home.

Not all divorces include complicated division of assets. We can help you even if you do not own real-estate or expensive personal assets. If you do have any of the assets listed below, Begin To Organize them: Income-tax returns, W-2 forms, 1099 forms, K-1 forms, Form SSA-1099, Personal Earnings Benefit Estimate Statement (PEBES), payroll statements, employment compensation, mutual funds, on deposit with banks, brokerage firms, or other financial institutions, Certificates of Deposit if any, Bonds,  stock option information, retirement information, booklets and statements of account in any stock options or retirement, profit-sharing, employee stock ownership, Keogh, health and medical savings accounts,  mutual funds, or other capital equity investments, securities, or annuities, deeds, deeds of trust, notes, certificates of title and current license receipts to any motor vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, aircraft, or watercraft, policies of insurance, whether life, health, automobile, disability, casualty, homeowners, personal articles, or otherwise, in which the parties claim any insurance protection, royalty in mineral interest. Just to name a few.

Sounds like a headache right? Allow my firm to help you march through what is required to get you in the best position possible so that you are awarded a just and right division of your assets. It may seem overwhelming; we can help you through each step of the way.

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